Q.: Is the system "Pilot" a necesity for a C.C.N. 3V system or an accessory?
A.: A C.C.N. 3V system zone controller has a 365 day software clock on board, with leap year and daylight savings. However, in the event of a power failure the system needs a time update (synchronization) by a device that will broadcast current time. The "Pilot" is capable of the required twice a day time synchronization as well as configuration of the system and navigation through through all devices on the bus.
Q.: When configuring a C.C.N. 3V system how important is the accurate zone valve size to system operation?
A.: Very important. Carriers weighted priority system looks at number and size of zones when determining system mode selection
Q.: What is demand ventilation?
A.: In the past the intake of outside air was determined by a pre-adjusted outside air intake damper position or selected by outside temperature and or humidity. C.C.N.'s demand ventilation feature looks at the amount of co2 (carbon dioxide) in the space and the outdoor air quality before taking in outside air. People exhale co2.More people=more co2=the need for more ventilation.
Q.: I have an extensive pneumatic control system in my facility. Is it possible to eliminate the pneumatic system and replace it with the C.C.N. electronics?
A.: Carrrier's use of electronic actuators and more recently Belimo actuators has taken the guess work and worry out of this equation. With the use of Carriers Comfort Controllers, (1600 and 6400) and implementation of electric-pneumatic switching, the pneumatics can be eliminated over time. Carrier's C.C.N. components are off the shelf quality devices. They are readily available, easily diagnosed and will eliminate the black box control confusion many technicians face daily. Facility owners and managers reduce operating expenses and free themselves from expensive control contracts by switching to Carrier Confort Network. The easy to use software programs allow monitoring and controlling of all the mechanicals, lighting and security systems in the facility. Energy management is built in. The energy savings start as soon as the system is commissioned.
Q.: I'm installing two new high efficiency gas fired boilers at two of my buildings. The boilers will be hydrotherm's new KN20 line. Does C.C.N. have the ability to interface with these boilers?
A.: Comfort Network not only has the ability to interface with your new boilers, it can coodinate pumping, reset control and any other energy management feature you can think of. When ordering the Hydro-therm KN line, the manufacturer will request the type of control architecture ie: Lon works, Bacnet, etc. When the boilers are delivered they will be C.C.N. compatible. All phases of firing and boiler functioning are displayed live on the screen.
Q.: I manage several properties that are controlled by Carrier thermostats. In the ceiling are air valves tied to multiple roof top units.. The thermostats range in age from 1985 thru 2003. My HVAC company is telling me that I'm going to be faced with a major refit of the controls. He's told me the controls are no longer available. Is this the case?
A.: The good news is: the likelihood of a total control failure throughout your buildings is very slim. The bad news is: he's at least partially correct. If your thermostats have a flat smooth face cover, they are more than likely Generation I and II thermostats. These are not compatible with the new controls. If your thermostats have raised buttons on the face, they are probably Generation III and are compatible with the new controls. Refitting your controls will require the following:
1. replace the valve actuator
2. replace the wall thermostat with a sensor
3. run a new bus cable from zone valve to zone valve or mixing box. If you are remotely monitoring, you'll need to upgrade your software.