All types projects including commercial, institutional, and high end residential.

When designing a structure whether a home or a city tower, knowing your options is vital. One such option is HVAC Controls which can be accessed remotely by a service company. Opening the door to remote repairs, detailed reports, energy savings and unrivaled comfort is key information for an architect. With that in mind Junction Mechanical has assembled this information for you.

Of course Junction Mechanical installs and services this proven technology but we will also be happy to answer any questions you may have on the subject. Always feel free to contact us!

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Providing fully featured less expensive solutions

Honeywell, Johnson Controls and Siemens energy management systems are often perceived to be the only high end control solutions available today. Nothing could be further from the truth as realized by engineers who have been introduced to the Carrier Comfort Network. Learn more about this fully featured and much less expensive alternative to typical high-end pneumatic and direct digital control systems (DDC).

Property Managers

Seeking off site control to eliminate wasted service calls, eliminate downtime and solve energy usage disputes.

We are all touched by technology however Property Managers have yet to benefit fully from it. That is changing and Junction Mechanical is leading the way. Detailed energy usage reports, energy savings and remote monitoring are just a few of the features that Property Managers have been waiting for. No longer will property managers have to send their own personnel / maintenance to address a heating or cooling complaint. Only afterwards to end up having to place a service call, thus resulting in longer stretch of downtime for an already uncomfortable tenant. Where instead, a simple call to Junction Mechanical would result in an immediate remote assessment of the problem and more likely than not only an adjustment needed by Junction Mechanical to solve the problem. And if a Junction Mechanical technician needs to be dispatched, he would already have a "heads up" on the problem / or what's going on, which obviously would save time on diagnostics and repair. Those features and more are here today through a proven technology known as Carrier Comfort Network.

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Facility Management

Tired of wasting a fortune on facility related energy expenses? Virtually all buildings have heating systems and many have cooling equipment as well. Maximizing the efficiency of those systems is critical when striving to save on energy costs. Typical solutions save money monthly however they are brutally expensive up front. That's where Carrier Comfort Network fits in, energy savings, detailed energy usage reports on demand, dramatically reduced downtime and remote site controls. All for a whole lot less of an initial investment. Now we're talking!